Privacy Policy

Latest revision: 24th May 2018

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy. This page explains when and how we collect your personal data. No personal data is collected from viewing pages on this website.


The web pages on this site do not write any cookies to your browser, nor do they contain any other form of tracking code.

Purchases and Registration

Data is collected if you purchase a license key for the PreMinder calendar app using PayPal, or make a donation to one of the software projects on this website using PayPal. The PayPal website provides a secure way to make online purchases.

If you purchase a license key for PreMinder, a record of the key is kept along with your name and email address. If you were to lose your record of the license key, you can then contact us and it can be emailed to you. Contact details are provided below.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

We will also keep records of bug reports and feature requests emailed to us in order to improve the quality of our software.

Your Data

We strive to keep all customer information secure. We will not share your data with any other company or person, unless required to do by law.

You can contact us to find out what customer data we maintain about you, update or correct any personal information, or request the removal of personal data.

To contact us please click here