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Collaborative Space Base

Collaborative Space Base

This large space base was built over five months by Jason Briscoe, Gary Davis, Tim Goddard, Andrew Hamilton, Rhys Knight, Peter Reid and me. Each side is over a metre long. The base was first displayed in July 2017 at Bricktastic in Manchester. It then travelled to Brick Live in London later in the summer and Jason drove it to the Skaerbaek fan weekend in September. It will be at the Great Western Brick Show in Swindon from 7-8th October.

Surface View

There’s rocky terrain on the surface section, as well as Jason’s landing pad and imposing control tower. On the landing pad are Tim’s Inexorable and my Galaxy Explorer. On the left hand side you can see solar panels and storage tanks, with Jason’s white rover towards the front. On the right-hand side is my ore processing rover which is a mobile refinery plant.

Here’s a shot of the surface from a different angle:

Surface view from rear

I’ll update this post at some point with more information about the subterranean sections of the base. In the meantime you can see lots more photos of each section of the space base in this Flickr album.

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